Hazardous Cargo Bulletin (HCB)

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STARS has teamed up with HCB to bring you the latest regulatory and safety news from around the world. As part of this partnership, visitors to STARS’ website will be granted an automatic reduction of 30% for ANY HCB product (http://www.hazardouscargo.com/). Just use the promo code “STARS30“.

Hazardous Cargo Bulletin (HCB) covers the transport of all kinds of dangerous goods, but particularly liquid chemicals, liquefied gases, explosives and radioactive materials. It covers transport by all modes: road, rail, maritime (bulk and packaged), inland waterway and air. Its coverage is also global in scope, covering not only North America and Western Europe but also the Far East, South-East Asia, Australasia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. HCB has full-time writers based in the US and in Poland and a network of part-time contributors in Singapore, India, Brazil, Zambia and elsewhere.

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