October 31, 2013: (FR) PHMSA – Corrections & Response to Administrative Appeals

(HM-215K, HM-215L, HM-218G, HM-219) (effective 10/31/2013 but please click the link above to review compliance dates for the affected regulations)

This final rule corrects editorial errors and amends certain requirements in response to administrative appeals submitted by persons affected by certain final rules published in the Federal Register.

Author: Wendy Buckley

Wendy has been in the hazardous materials industry for over 17 years. She worked for both the Federal Railroad Administration and New Jersey State Department of Transportation as a Railroad Hazardous Materials Safety Inspector. Wendy was an Investigator with the Office of Inspector General at Amtrak, a Multi-Modal HazMat Instructor and Auditor with a premier training and consulting company, and managed the Regulatory Affairs department at a multi-billion dollar, multi-national laboratory supply company. Wendy started her career as a Hazardous Materials Technician and Firefighter and today she is the President & Founder of Specialty Transportation and Regulatory Services, a hazardous materials and hazardous waste management consulting firm. Wendy has multiple degrees from several private and public Universities.